Craig McClellan is a self-described Apple Fanboy (TM) and a public elementary school teacher in Nashville, TN.

While his passion for all things shiny and technological began at an early age, his love for teaching came later. First, he pursued the highly marketable degree of “commercial guitar,” where he learned jazz scales and complicated music theory, all of which he uses on a daily basis. Upon starting his career in music, he began substitute teaching as a flexible side gig. It wasn’t long until he realized he was happier in the classroom than on the stage. A master’s degree and teaching certificate later, he’s now in his fifth year teaching and loves discovering new ways to integrate technology into his classroom to teach his kids in fun — and more efficient — ways.

The Class Nerd marries his two passions — technology and teaching — and he’s excited to share what he’s learned with other teachers to help their kids learn in new ways, too.